The birth of the company name Weavoo is mainly derived from the word “Weave”. The company focuses on woven wearable technology. Today, the most commonly used leather comes from animal skins and we would like to address that issue. Our product was developed as an innovative technology that meets the eco-friendly fashion trend.

The later part of Weavoo is derived from the two words innOvation and evOlution. The name directly complements the main product of the business, which is an innovation that deals with the milennial evolution of technology in relation to fashion. The products are made to make everyday life easier.

Weavoo stresses the importance of corporate social responsibility as well as helping local communities which will be made possible by providing them with income generating opportunities and through actively participating in various activities.

Weavoo is also keen on improving the environment by making use of eco-friendly materials such as waterlily stalks. Waterlily is known to contribute to clogging drainage systems during floods. Weavoo helps minimize these negative effects by making use of these.


To become a significant leader in innovation of fashion and technology in the Philippines


We are determined to integrate with the local communities by producing an electronic gadget necessary for the residents of Metro Manila that provides the newest social change in innovation through integrating fashion, technology and local communities’ socio economic product in the Philippines. This will satisfy the employees by providing a happy working environment and attaining at least 20% return on investment



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